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Footworking was born out of inspirations from Breakdance, Tap, and African Tribal dance. It has become a popular dance on its own and is considered Chicago’s response to “krumping”. Born in the South and West sides of the windy city, Footworking is a fleet-footed, quick-paced dance. The dance is performed by frenetically stomping one’s feet which simultaneously kick in a stutter-stepped pattern. The dance is one of the fastest around and is often called the hip-hop version of Riverdance. The dance’s pace can reach up to 160 beats per minute. A common move is the “dribble”, where the dancer mimics the footwork of a basketball player against an invisible opponent. Beginning at underground dance parties in select Chicago neighborhoods in the 1980s, Footworking has since evolved internationally and gained acceptance and respect throughout the dance community. In the spring of 2008, Madonna’s promotional tour featured the best-known ensemble in the genre: The FootworKINGz. ...


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